Without IELTS Scholarships in Malta for 2024 (Fully Funded)


A nation in Europe is called Malta. For international students without IELTS, Malta offers scholarships. For BS, graduate, and doctoral degrees, anyone from any country may apply. courses covered by government scholarships in Malta. Malta provides scholarships without the IELTS. Malta has the highest quality of living and education available anywhere in the globe. Malta’s educational system is rated quite highly. Included in all of these expenses is the scholarship provided in Malta.



Scholarships are available from the Malta Ministry of Education to local universities and independent organizations. Malta is a member of the EU. There, English is widely spoken, and Maltese universities frequently employ it as a teaching tool. Malta provides 200 course options.

Apart from tuition, Malta has incredibly inexpensive living costs when compared to other nations. Don’t stress about taking the English language test either. Every year, 100 foreign students are admitted to the universities in Malta, where they obtain a top-notch education in a range of subject areas. Details on scholarships available in Malta without an IELTS are provided below.

A list of scholarships available in Malta without an IELTS score European country: Malta
Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees
Coverage: funded number one Malta University Scholarships
Postgraduate and doctorate scholarships are now available from the University of Malta. Students who qualify receive a full tuition waiver.

The oldest and most established institution in Malta is the institution of Malta. The institution of Malta is the oldest institution in the world outside of Britain and provides students with a comprehensive and varied curriculum.

Malta Art Scholarship Program


The government of Malta is funding this scholarship. It can refer to a Master’s degree, a joint degree, a first degree, a second degree, or a diploma. The tuition cost can reach 20,000 euros, depending on the degree.

Scholarship Program,

Another Malta Government Advanced Scholarship is Endeavor. Students in a variety of fields, including education, economics, health, the humanities, and the arts, are given scholarships.

The top 5 universities in Malta without requiring IELTS are shown below. A statement stating that English is the language of instruction for your final degree or course is known as the medium of instruction letter.

American University of Malta
Global College of Malta
London School of Commerce
Learn Key Institute

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