Why These 10 Fears Keep Men Silent

Why These 10 Fears Keep Men Silent

Is it really feasible for males to have hidden fears? They seem to be very powerful and determined! Many ladies would exclaim, “No way! Therefore, we will share with you today 10 Things Guys Secretly Fear

1. What their body looks like



Women are indoctrinated from an early age that their bodies should always be perfect. They believe they should exercise often and adhere to a strict diet. Guys do not have such preconceptions, but it does not imply they are unconcerned about their physical appearance or compare themselves to well-built men in publications. Why would guys spend so much time at the gym if they didn’t have to? Their greatest worry is that someone will make a joke about their beer belly.

2. Money

One of the most common causes of male anxiety is money. They are raised to be the breadwinners of the future. Even if a guy does not have a woman, he is concerned about his financial position because he believes that money is the most important factor in a relationship. Women, on the other hand, need much more care and attention. If we’re incorrect and the only thing that matters to a lady is money, she’s not worth your time.

3. Height

How can a guy remain unconcerned when one of the primary characteristics of “an ideal man” is his height? If women were less concerned with height, then males who aren’t very tall would have more opportunities. If it isn’t about the size of his heart, then size isn’t a consideration.

4. Other men can be a threat

Despite the fact that men’s jealousy is not often as visible as women’s, it may be just as damaging to their self-esteem. It is possible that your spouse will not exhibit any indications of concern when you tell him about a male coworker who has a great sense of humour. The fact is that he is too concerned with himself and constantly compares himself to a prospective rival. You should speak to him honestly and explain that there is absolutely no danger. This will help to alleviate his anxiety.

5. Little experience in relationships

A macho image is every man’s greatest fear because it causes them to attempt to seem like experienced lovers and to lie about the number of ex-girlfriends they have had. In reality, guys are just as terrified of making a mistake as women are of doing something wrong. Having support and honesty in all aspects of your relationship can enable you to feel more secure about yourself.

6. Hair

Hair on the body and on the head is a constant source of frustration for males. What if a little quantity of hair on the body doesn’t seem to be sufficiently macho-looking? Too much hair – is it too frightening or too unkempt? The fact is that becoming bald is often the worst thing that can happen. It is possible that bringing up these issues with your spouse may make things worse.

7. Diet

“I’m on a diet right now.” These are phrases that guys hear from women on a regular basis. However, if a guy discusses a diet, it may come off as odd. Men, on the other hand, are concerned about their physical appearance and the meals they consume. Everyone want to be in excellent health and physical condition. It’s simply that males tend to express themselves in this manner less often.

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