Most of us dream of becoming a millionaire. But what if you can accept the “Don’t dream, do it” mantra? There are jobs that can bring you the potential of millions of dollars! If you are ready to make your bank account “green”, read on to learn about these wonderful shows. Here are the top ten jobs that can make you a millionaire.


App Maker

Look at your smartphone. Almost all the really popular apps there are made by people who are now millionaires (even billionaires). If you are good at coding and have some great ideas, you can create the next large application. If tens of thousands of people paid a few dollars for your popular new app, then you might know it before becoming a millionaire.

Day Trader

This is especially true of being a day trader! The basic principle of this work is to buy stocks at a low price and then sell the stocks at a higher price, sometimes within a minute or two of purchase. In the end, all these meager profits add up to continuous income, and you can always reinvest more investment in the market to obtain greater returns!


Everyone knows “hungry artists”. However, everyone also knows the artists and writers who are famous for becoming rich. If you like writing, then verbal communication may be the key to getting rich. Remember, J.K. Rowling went from writing novels on napkins to creating Harry Potter, one of the world’s most beloved literary figures. However, if you have a story to tell, it is worth a try and sees what happens!

Air Traffic Controller

“Air traffic controller” may not sound like a job that would make you rich. But think again! The median annual salary of an air traffic controller is $123,000. If you can handle this complex and stressful job, then you will get these wealth! You must pass a lengthy training plan, and then monitor and direct air traffic. Every day, 90,000 flights are in flight and in balance, which is a very difficult daily task. However, salary makes it worth the money, and you may enjoy union protection in addition to your salary.

Real Estate Agent

Housing is very expensive. The market has recovered well from the 2008 recession, and buyers who want to buy a house often have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a house. Guess who got a sum from that money? Real estate broker! In fact, agents usually get at least 10% of the money from house sales You can count it: Sell several expensive houses every year, and you will become a millionaire in a few years!


Musicians are a bit like writers. That is to say, there are many of them, but only a few make it bigger. However, the Internet makes it easier than ever to share your music with the world. Social media can help a good singer become a legend overnight. An example is Lil NasX. He switched from an unknown singer to a multi-platinum singer with the song “Old Town Road”. The initial popularity was mainly because his songs were spread through the app TikTok.


This may be obvious, but if you want to see an area full of money, go further than a doctor. Obviously, there are some major obstacles. This includes a lot of education, a lot of student loan debt and a lot of pressure. However, doctors usually earn at least six figures a year. By opening your own successful practice, you can further increase this number.

Government Contractor

Many people joked that the government likes to spend money. But these jokes have some truth, and this is how contractors can honor them. Such contracts (especially overseas contracts) usually have a wide scope, no matter how much work you have to do, and how long it will last. All areas from supply to safety require the help of contractors. If you get a juicy government contract, this may be the last job you need.


Whether you like it or hate it, we are all living in the “influencer” era. Being famous means you are famous as a movie star, musician, or famous entrepreneur. However, many people are now known for Instagram posts, Youtube videos, and Twitch streams. To truly get rich, it may take some time to establish the following conditions. But you can entice followers to donate through Patreon, and eventually, you may get something like company sponsorship to further fill your bank account.


Most of the work on this list involves working for others. However, if you want to get rich while you work, you need to start a business. If you have an idea of a product or service that no one else can provide, then you should do your own business. This is your chance to create your own niche market and get financial rewards. Many companies need several years to get started. However, once you have firmly established your position, in addition to job security, you will also receive a stable and stable income.