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How To Be A Top 1% Man In 2024

    What does it take to be truly exceptional—to rise above the crowd and become one of the best and brightest? While talent plays a role, becoming a top 1% man has more to do with effort, focus and how you choose to develop yourself. The good news is it’s within reach of anyone willing to put in the dedicated work.

    So if you want to join the ranks of peak performers in 2024 and beyond, here are the specific actions you need to take in key areas of life—from career and finance to relationships, leadership and self-mastery. Commit to improving a bit each day, and you’re guaranteed to make a quantum leap forward towards being your best self.

    Career & Finance

    • Get crystal clear on your ideal job/role and write out an actionable plan to landing it. Map out skills/certs/experience needed.
    • Consistently be the best at your craft – master your domain and always be learning/taking on more responsibility.
    • Use all available resources to advance yourself – pursue an MBA, certs, mentorships. Strategically invest in your own growth.
    • Start a side hustle in 2023 to lead or invest in by 2024. Having multiple revenue streams signifies strong work ethic and business acumen.
    • Save & invest consistently to begin achieving financial freedom milestones like no debt, 6 months expenses in savings, retirement plans on track for an early exit. Top earners aren’t just ambitious – they’re disciplined money managers.

    Health & Fitness

    • Adopt a regimen that keeps you in top physical condition and mitigates health risks – be it strength training, athletic activities or martial arts. Peak performers prioritize being their fittest selves.
    • Nutrition is key – eat an optimized, high performance-oriented diet to maximize energy levels and avoid lifestyle diseases.
    • Sleep should never be neglected – 7-9 hours nightly is a minimum for recovery and productivity. Top performers practice impeccable self-care.
    • Develop an unshakeable daily routine that keeps you rested, focused and firing on all cylinders. Prioritize longevity and give your best self to others.

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    • Invest time in deepening current relationships and expanding your social circle with like-minded high-achievers. Surround yourself with people who empower big dreams.
    • Have your fingers on the pulse of current events and broader culture – top performers stay curious and informed beyond their domain.
    • Develop strong communication, empathy and debate skills to leave positive lasting impressions and bring out the best in others. Top relationships require top people skills.
    • Set the tone for empowering and supportive partnerships where both parties lift each other higher. Peak performance breeds peak performance.


    • Take initiative and ownership where you see opportunity – spearhead impactful projects, mentor the next generation, take an active role in your community. Top 1% leaders make things happen.
    • Develop the confidence and gravitas to confidently steer discussions and events in a constructive direction through strong yet balanced opinions. Top leaders are respected voices.
    • Hold yourself and others to high standards of integrity, work ethic and ownership through actions, not just words. Lead through impeccable example daily. Top leaders walk the talk.

    Self Mastery

    • Develop mastery-level mindfulness, emotional regulation and stress mitigation practices like meditation, journaling or hobbies. Peak performance requires peak mental fortitude and focus.
    • Have laser-focused goals, systems and metrics to continually exceed expectations of yourself and remain coachable. Top performers stay hungry for growth.
    • Uphold habits like daily learning, grit, hustle and determination to achieve audacious goals that others deem impossible. Top 1% success stems from outworking 99% of others.
    • Master time management, organization and execution by planning daily, weekly and quarterly – big dreams need viable roadmaps. Top performers optimize every minute.

    Consistently put in the work across these key pillars and you will develop the rare combination of skills, drive and habits that make rockstars and legends. Stay laser focused, dedicated and grateful daily and over time you really can transform your life. Most importantly, don’t do it for status alone – commit to empowering and uplifting others along your journey towards being your very best self. You’ve got this!