From Childless to Motherhood at 70 – You Won’t Believe Her Incredible Story!”

"From Childless to Motherhood at 70 – You Won't Believe Her Incredible Story!"

At 70 years old, you would begin to wonder about Rajo Devi Lohan’s remarkable journey. Her story, particularly what transpired after she became pregnant, is nothing short of astonishing. In mid-2008, when Rajo Devi Lohan became pregnant, it sent shockwaves through her local community. At 70 years old, she was one of the oldest women in the world to conceive a child.



Rajo soon became a spiritual attraction, drawing people from far and wide to witness what could only be described as a miracle. Rajo and her husband, Baba Ram, had waited patiently for over 40 years to have a child. Living in Aliwa, a traditional village in Northern India, the couple had faced years of pressure and skepticism from their neighbors due to their childless life. Some even suggested they should separate, arguing that if Rajo hadn’t become pregnant by such an old age, it meant that God didn’t want them to be together. However, the couple persevered, driven by their deep love and devotion to each other. They explored alternative medicines and sought blessings from temples, desperately searching for a way to conceive.

Their faith finally paid off when Rajo not only became pregnant but also gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Named Navin, the birth marked a new chapter in their lives. Yet, this joyous event also triggered a wave of criticism from around the world. Their story went viral, making international headlines and piquing the curiosity of millions. Some argued that it was irresponsible to welcome a baby at such an old age. Questions arose about how much longer Rajo would be around to care for her child. The birth itself had not been without its challenges, but this determined mother had persevered.

Rajo’s daughter, Navin, became her source of strength in the years that followed. However, their village had been against the pregnancy from the beginning, and rumors and gossip continued to circulate. One common point of discussion was that Rajo and Baba Ram had invested everything into having a child, only to have a girl. In India, having a girl can be considered a burden due to the associated expenses and limited opportunities. But as villagers came to meet Navin, their concerns gradually faded away. Her beauty and charm captured hearts, and soon, everyone wanted to hold her.

Tragically, Rajo remained in the hospital, fighting for her life, in the aftermath of the challenging pregnancy. Complications had arisen, leading to a cesarean section delivery to protect her health. Although Rajo survived the ordeal, the pregnancy-related health issues persisted, and there was no effective treatment available in the hospital. She was sent home to recover with her family’s support, but she was bedridden, weak, and unable to move.

Rajo’s doctor didn’t give up on her and made her a top priority, visiting their family’s house daily with medications and check-ups. This doctor had been with Rajo, Baba Ram, and their community throughout the pregnancy, and he deeply admired them as the elders of the community. He had invested emotionally and financially in their journey, even contributing personally to fund another attempt at IVF after their initial deposit proved insufficient.

Despite the doctor’s dedicated visits, he tragically passed away shortly after one of his appointments with Rajo. His sudden demise shocked Rajo and her family, as he had been instrumental in their journey. It was a profound loss, but it also renewed Rajo’s determination to maintain her health, not only for her family but also as a tribute to the doctor who had done so much for them.

However, the aging process was relentless, and Rajo had to undergo two surgeries related to her intestines due to her advanced age of almost 77. Although it was difficult for her to accept her body’s limitations, she heeded her late doctor’s advice and spent up to 8 hours a day resting in bed. Rajo’s days grew monotonous, and she longed to make a difference despite her restricted mobility.

As time passed, Rajo began discussing her plans for the future, including arrangements for Nathan’s well-being after her eventual passing. She was confident that her sister, Umi, would provide excellent care for her daughter, effectively serving as Nathan’s stepmother already. Moreover, Rajo had secured more than 500,000 square feet of land through a legal battle for her inheritance, ensuring Nathan’s financial future.

These preparations signaled to her community that she was preparing for the eventual end of her life. Visitors began coming to say their goodbyes, understanding the gravity of the situation. One afternoon, as Nathan finished her school day, she received a heartwarming surprise. At seven years old and studying in class 2, Nathan had a fairly normal childhood despite her mother’s health challenges. However, that day, she saw an unexpected sight at the school gates – her own mother

Rajo’s arrival to the school was a welcome surprise because she had never been able to pick up Nathan from there previously. Nathan jumped into her mother’s arms and beaming with happiness. Rajo gave her daughter a fierce hug as she savored the occasion. The amazing closeness between the mother and daughter left parents and observers speechless. Despite taking an unusual path, Rajo loved her daughter more than anything.

Rajo is still alive and determined to keep her word as of right now. She longs to see Nathan mature, get hitched, and live a successful life. Rajo is adamant about seeing her daughter walk down the aisle in a bridal gown, and she very well may. This inspiring tale serves as a reminder of the strength of love, commitment, and the resilience of the human spirit.