They say that people rarely resign. Instead, they fired their boss. Dealing with a bad boss or a group of managers brings tragic work experience, which is why many people choose to do business on their own. Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur or freelancer? If so, you may be interested in these 10 profitable ways to become your own boss.

1. Event Promoter

Average Pay: $20,000 – $200,000

Events are becoming a new marketing strategy for businesses, and you can make big money by helping business owners plan events. Activities can also include festivals, ceremonies, weddings and other personal dinners, and people are prepared to pay for it. For large, expensive events, event sponsors are needed to plan the event, work with talent and effectively market the event. You don’t need a degree to be a promoter of the event, but you will not earn these six numbers until you have a good reputation. However, once you are proficient, you can make a lot of money and work exactly according to your own schedule.


2. Interior Designer

Average Pay: $42,000

If you want to work on your own and make a lot of money, then a career in interior design may be for you. If you want to combine your career with art, you can enjoy the creativity of your business while enjoying a high annual salary. You need a college degree to be an interior designer, but if you start your own business, you will become your own boss and can work in some fabulous houses and offices!

3. Personal Trainer

Average Pay: $36,000

If you like the idea of helping people stay healthy, then a career as a personal trainer may be in your alley. Personal trainers do not require a college degree, although they do require some form of fitness training, and many people prefer further education in nutrition or sports science. As a personal trainer, you can start your own gym, meet customers at home, or help them train in parks or other public areas. You will be your own boss-and you will be in good shape as a reward.

4. Makeup Artist

Average Pay: $66,000

ou can become a makeup artist without a college degree; you only need to be very good at your job. If you like the idea of applying makeup to your clients, then becoming an individual makeup artist may be a great fit for you. This is a high-paying performance, if you are a skilled person, you can make a lot of money. If the makeup artist can enter the celebrity circle, their salary is even higher.

5. Administrative Assistant

Average Pay: $15,000 – $62,000

The Internet is providing many new job opportunities. One of the best is working as an administrative assistant. Administrative assistants can work with many different clients or a company at home. The salary range is all over the map; however, after a few years of operation, your salary may be high.

6. Caterer

Average Pay: $18,000 – $42,000

If you like cooking and have the know-how to organize activities, then becoming an individual business can be your dream job. You can focus on holding small events, such as a quaint dinner at the customer’s home, or you can go all out and become a catering service provider specializing in weddings or grand banquets for 500 people. Either way, you can display fine food and become your own boss.

7. Graphic Designer

Average Pay: $42,000

n order to be a graphic designer, you’ll need training in graphic design and certain programs like InDesign and Illustrator, but not necessarily a university degree. While you would possibly not make the salary listed above without a university degree, you’ll nevertheless start your graphic designer career from scratch.

You can freelance for businesses, sell your designs online or contract your services to a corporation . Graphic design may be a good way to mix a passion for art with a lucrative career.

8. Life Coach

Average Pay: $62,000

Life coaches are like uncertified therapists: they help people unleash their true potential and change lives. From fitness training to home design suggestions, they may do anything, but everything is designed to help customers become their best choice. Life coaches can make a lot of money, but they must work hard to advertise and find customers to achieve their goals.

9. Accountant

Pay: $65,000

As long as there are money and taxes, there will always be a high demand for an accounting. Although you can work for many companies with a degree in accounting, you can also create your own company and work at home or in a small office. You will help clients with tax preparation, corporate accounting, etc. For those who like to deal with numbers and pay great attention to details, this is a high-paying and satisfying profession.